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Ein Teil des Erlöses von durch den Verkauf von Büchern, Kurse oder andere Dienstleistungen sowie der gesamte Betrag Ihrer Spenden sind dem Erhalt der philippinischen Sprachen gewidmet. Sei es in Form von Unterstützung der örtlichen Schulen oder anderen Projekten, die Summe wird in jedem Fall für einen guten Zweck eingesetzt.

"We want to say Thank You! We know that Thank You is just a simple word for you, but it comes from the bottom of our heart. Thank you that there still people who want to help us. We hoping that this is not just a first time. Again, we want to say thank you for the school supplies that your given to us.

Lovingly yours,
Nelson R. Indie - Grade IV"

"A pleasant hello! and good day to you! I hope you are in good condition today. Me, I'm so very happy and lucky for having supplies you have given to us here in Barangay Ingop. I'm not only the one who is very happy but also the teachers and especially my parents! Because my parents really cannot afford school supplies like these, cause my parents can only buy papers, & notebooks, & ballpen because they only work in the farm in order to buy some school supply. So thank you very much because I have now very important things in ours school which my parents cannot buy. I hope you will continue for having a good heart here in our school. Thank you so much and more power!

Lovingly yours,
Analisa L. Loreno - Grade IV"


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